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How to Water Indoor Plants

Plants cannot survive without water. The pressure of water in the soil is what keeps a plant from falling over. It is water that transports nutrients both to and then internally to a plant. When water is transported most of the water is absorbed in the roots and then lastly to the leaves where it evaporates. The process that water undergoes in transporting nutrients to the plant provides a source of humidity and cooling of air by this process. The main cause of death of plants is due to improper watering of the plants. The combination of the wrong amount of water combined with improper watering techniques kill a plant quickly.

You want to make sure you cover the soil evenly with water when you are watering your plants. Its good to use a soil probe to check the moisture level of the soil or potting mixture before watering. Different plants require different levels of moisture for their growth medium. Some can go to very dry and others cannot. When watering make sure you water the edges of the pot as well so they do not stay dry. Its best to use tepid or room temperature water to water all plants. Plants shock very easily and too hot or very cold water can do this to them. If you are planing to prune your plant do so before watering so the remaining plant can get the proper amount of hydration.

When watering your plant you have to consider the season and temperature surrounding the environment. If its hotter chances are you will need to water the plant more frequently then in colder weather. This holds true whether the plant is indoors or out. Also when watering the plant, the size, age and light available to the plant is also taken into consideration. You would not water a new shoot the same as a full grown plant. Always keep the device you use to water the plant clean. You don't want the deposits from a dirty water container to cover the soil.

Try not to dump water in one spot when watering the plant. Its also not a good idea to sit a plant in a saucer full of water directly for more then one half hour. To do so is inviting root root. When plants are watered improperly it invites dead plants, rotted plants and even fungus gnats. If you want your plant healthy and beautiful take a little time to get to know the best way to water your type of plant.

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