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The Studio

Wesleaf specializes in top-tier interior plant design services and plant care, we harmoniously merge the artistry of botany with the finesse of interior design. We are more than just a plant design studio; we are creators of lush, vibrant, and transformative interior landscapes. Our passion lies in curating botanical masterpieces that breathe life into any space, enhancing its essence and exuding an undeniable sense of sophistication. From elegant corporate offices to stylish residential havens, our greenery arrangements bring a touch of natural opulence to every environment.

Residential Plant Design Chestnut Hill, MA
Residential Plant Design Needham, MA
Commercial Plant Design
Commercial Plant Deisgn
Office Plant Design
Office Plant Design
Plant Staging
Plant Staging
Patio Tablescape - Seaport Boston, MA
Exterior Plant Design Needham, MA

Design Philosophy

Our carefully curated plant collections infuse spaces with a symphony of textures, colors, and forms, creating an alluring visual harmony that elevates your atmosphere. We collaborate closely with clients, visionary designers, and event planners to create bespoke plant designs tailored to specific visions and aesthetics. With access to an extensive collection of plant species and an intimate knowledge of interior design elements, our plant design services transcend traditional decor, into an art form. Allow us to redefine the boundaries of your space with the beauty of nature. Discover the captivating allure of Wesleaf Designs & Decor and experience the extraordinary fusion of botanical artistry and interior design finesse.

Collaborations & Features
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