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  • 15 minutes
  • 10 US dollars
  • The Plant Bar by Wesleaf

Service Description

Potted plants should be repotted every 12-18 months as a way to refresh soil and give the plant more room to grow. If you’re finding your plant’s growth has slowed down, has all around yellowing or dropping of leaves, or just isn’t looking as happy as it used to, it may need a repot. Book an appointment to have your plants repotted in-studio! Repot includes appropriately sized nursery pot, root analysis, precision pruning for maximum foliage fullness and retention, restyling as necessary. A non-refundable booking fee of $10 is charged to reserve your booking spot. In-Store scheduled appointments are offered Sunday-Friday from 1pm-6pm weekly. Late arrivals after appointment time will need to be rescheduled. There is a $5 surcharge for decor (moss and/or rocks) Booking Time Slot Consideration: (Timing may vary) In a 30 minute session 2 table top sized (4"-8" plants can be repotted) book session slots accordingly Houseplant/Outdoor Plant Re-potting Rates: Plant re-potted into a 4-6 inch pot …$30 per pot Plant re-potted into a 8-10 inch pot ...$35 per pot Plant re-potted into a 12 inch pot ...$40 per pot *All re-potting into pots larger than 12 inch require in-home services. *Due to the delicate care and timing needs, we do not repot Orchids at the Plant Bar. If you are interested in Orchid repotting please book an in-home repot or an in- studio repot at our Neeham location. *Price of new decorative pot is not included. *Price does not include moss poles if necessary to stake the plant. On-site and At-Home Potting Service is available throughout Greater Boston. If you are interested in our in-home repotting option, please return to the Services page and select "In-Home Repotting" Note: The Wesleaf Designs and Decor team will take the absolute best care of your plants however damage to foliage can occur to plants during the repotting process. Plant can also go into shock as a result of repotting. Our repotting service has no guarantee as a rehabilitation service as every plant requires an assortment of different environmental needs (light, watering, plant nutrients, humidity and etc.) in order to thrive in your home after repotting, especially if it has endured transplant shock, hence, we are not held liable for any plant rot/yellowing/irregularities that may occur after being repotted. For information on caring for a plant after being repotted please refer to accurate online resources and guides or reach out directly to our team for support.

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